• Personal Assistant

    Carl Cox

    Getting an email from Dan usually mean’s that Carl will have at least one banger for the weekend.

  • Andy Wilson

    Kiss FM

    It's a Promo Thing consistently deliver the biggest new music as well as give exposure to new and future talent. The service really helps us stay at the forefront across all Genres

  • Guy

    Pacha Ibiza Recordings

    A great service all round & they understand all the needs of the label’s released including treating each track differently, dependent on genre, by reaching the people that matter time & time. Be it big name DJs or the big radeo shows & podcasts. They are on the ball.

  • Fahlberg

    DJ | Producer

    Dan/It’s A Promo Thing always delivers. Great reach on their promo set up, professional and friendly. Strongly recommend!



    All In One Ping's with you have been excellent and great value for money. I'm releasing lots this year and definitely will be using It's A Promo Thing along the way more than the others (especially with the tailored services for Ibiza etc.) and I can fit more promos with you in my budget. Your service is also streets ahead with social media which is invaluable to labels of my size.

  • Stonebridge

    Stoney Boy

    Finding some really cool stuff, not the usual mass promo fodder at It's A Promo Thing. It's A Promo Thing is not only an upfront music promotion service, but also a source of finding new talent where most other services tend to focus on the big tunes and artists only. Very inspired and well executed as well.

  • Andi Durrant

    Kiss FM | Kiss Fresh

    Dan is very proactive in plugging new releases though It’s A Promo Thing.. I’m lucky enough to get sent hundreds of tracks every week so there’s a lot of competition out there, but Dan always pushes hard for his clients and the releases he’s working on. He’s knowledgable, passionate and works hard to get the best exposure for his artists.

  • Charlie Hedges

    BBC Radio 1

    Fast and reliable way to get music, and good music at that too! Wicked site love you guys x.

  • Alex

    Roger Sanchez | B-Traits Producer | Lex Luca

    Super professional and friendly music promotion service!

  • Steve Hulme

    Ex Pacha Ibiza & Recordings Music Director & Subliminal

    A fantastic service from a team that love house music and all the genres of the scene.

  • Eddie Temple Morris

    The Remix | Temple Of Boom/Prodigy & Pendulum Tour DJ

    All I need is easily digestible info, at a glance, and listen links because there aren'y enough hours in a day to download what I'm sent. Promo thing are one of the organisations that get it just right.

  • Alex Preston


    It's a Promo Thing is the most effective promo company around. They continually deliver results in getting my music into the hands of some of the biggest producer's and dj's from around the world!

  • Kenny Summit

    Good For You Records

    In todays digital marketplace, it is important to reach key tastemakers and djs globally. promo thing has been a huge part of helping good for you records in our quest to get our house music in the hands of the djs who understand quality underground house music.


    Twilight on RTE Pulse

    I've been receiving It's A Promo Thing mail outs for a number of years and I always find them to be cutting edge. It really helps me in putting together a 2 hour radio show each week full of new music. I love the new feature where it's broken into genres. Many of the tracks I receive and play end up being major hits and I would like to thank Dan and his team for their continued support


    Twilight on RTE Puls

    With all genres covered, Its A Promo Thing manages to provide quality releases for Twilight on RTE Pulse that I know will also work on discerning dance floors. Always upfront and with regular surprises too, it's great to see them go from strength to strength.

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