Here you can order your audio mastering with ease and confidence.

We concentrate on stereo width, definition, sound character, mixing, and bringing out the finer elements in a mix, rather than just making your records sound unnecessarily loud and over compressed – like some audio mastering engineers and online automated audio mastering services do at the moment. Audio mastering with a super professional sound.

Audio Mastering
£15 | €25 | $30
  • WAV and AIFF files accepted
  • DJ Mix
    Single Track
    Compilation Mastering
  • MP3 Convertion Free Of Charge (Upon Request)
  • 1 Master revision per track is allowed inclusive of the fee
  • Make sure your master is mixdown correctly with plenty of headroom
  • MP3 & Wav
  • Fast Delivery Time
  • 2 to 5 Business days for the turnaround time
  • PayPal Fees Apply
  • Pay by Credit Card
    (No Fees)
    [Via Website Only]
  • Pay Via Bank Transfer
    (Please email for this)

Before purchasing, please read – Terms & Conditions.

  • We use PayPal for our instant purchase from the website, so any extra fee incurred are not the responsibility of It’s A Promo Thing.
  • Make sure your pay in your currency, if you currency is £GBP then pay in £GBP’s, if your currency is €EURO’s, pay in €Euro’s.
  • If paying from a country that the currency is not £GBP or €Euro’s, please pay in £GBP’s not your own currency as this will be rejected and you may lose out on fees to PayPal which are not the responsibility of It’s A Promo Thing.
  • We charge 6% on top of the service fee amount to cover the PayPal transaction fee. This is automatically added for the instant buy method below.
  • Once purchased, please follow the instructions on the confirmation of purchase page failure to do so may result in a delay to your service.
  • Any ‘accidental’ purchases can not be refunded, we can however exchange the ‘accidental’ purchase for other services. If this occurs you will have to pay the extra amount to the sum of the other services before your service commences.
  • We only strictly accept £GBP & €Euro’s ,no other currencies as payment are accepted.

Thank you for your understanding.

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