All In Ping Plus Monthly Subscription:

What is included:

  • 6 tracks maximum per campaign
    (recommended – can be less)
  • 6 weeks campaign
  • Reminder email went
  • Sent to our lists via Inflyte
  • MP3 & Wav
  • No bonus plugging placement fees

Who Receives It:

  • A-List DJs
  • Club DJs
  • Radio DJs
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Magazines
  • Personally plugged via email only to 10 key targets of your choice
    (Give us a list of your 10 key targets & we will get it to them)

The Feedback:

  • Real time feedback.
  • Feedback follower page.
  • Weekly feedback report
  • Instant update if one of your key targets feedback.
  • Final feedback report.
  • Summery of the best support.

Terms & Conditions:

Minimum subscription of 3 months. If you cancel the subscription early you will be invoice by default from It’s A Promo Thing in full for the promo campaigns that have been activated during your subscription. If you fail to use your promo campaign in the allocated monthly time frame, the promo campaign does not roll over to the following month and the promo campaign is lost for that allocated time frame. Once the 3 month minimum subscription has finished the subscription continues until the client cancels the subscription. Once a payment has been taken there is a strict no refund policy.

If you cancel your subscription or take a break from your subscription, then when you return or re-subscribe, the 3 months minimum subscription requirement resets and starts again from the new date of subscription.

Direct Debit: If you prefer to set up a direct debit subscription rather than PayPal or Stripe please email

All In Ping Plus
1 Campaign Per Month
Per Month
  • Minimum 3 months subscription
All In Ping Plus
2 Campaigns Per Month
Per Month
  • Minimum 3 months subscription
All In Ping Plus
3 Campaigns Per Month
Per Month
  • Minimum 3 months subscription
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