Spotify Plugging Promotion


Spotify Music Plugging Promotion Service

We have been working on a services to spotify plugging promotion your tracks to various spotify playlists.

This service is now launched with a great success rate. We guarantee placement on independent Spotify playlists.

Want to get more from your music release now it’s on Spotify?

Our S-Ping Packages for dedicated Spotify plugging are the way forward.

This is the perfect way to give your release that extra push and get a better ROI for your investment of a one-off fee.

Spotify playlists

Please do understand that we do not pitch to Spotify editorial direct as this is only available through your label & distributor and you as an artist via Spotify for artists or Spotify analytics.

We can place your music on active and Independent Spotify playlists.

What We Promise

A guaranteed amount of exposure on Independent active Spotify playlists.

Your single track placed on 5 to 30+ playlists. The primary means of discovery across streaming platforms are other people’s playlists. That means independent curators.

Furthermore, if the track is performing well on other people’s playlists then this alerts Spotify’s teams & algorithm, which has seen selected tracks receiving official Spotify editorial playlist placement.

Tier Table

Small Tier: 5,000 followers
Mid-Tier: 10,000-25,000 followers
Large Tier: 25,000+ followers

S-Ping Level 1:

 – 5 playlists
     mostly mid/small tier & one large.
 – All In Ping (included)

S-Ping Level 2:

 – 10 playlists
    mostly mid/large tier.
 – All In Ping (included)

S-Ping Level 3:

 – 15+ playlists
    mostly large tier.
 – All In Plug All In One
    [Radio Plugging] (included)

S-Ping Level 4:

 – 30+ playlists
    mostly large tier.
 – All In Plug All In One
    [Radio Plugging] (included)

Email for prices and with the spotify url to the track you wish to promote as we need to approve the track. We don’t just push any track.

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