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What’s New For 2017 It’s A Promo Thing? New Record Promotion Services.

What’s new for 2017 for It’s A Promo Thing, I hear you ask? Well we have introduced a few things;

1. A Brand New Radio Plugging / Record Promotion Service

We have introduced another level of record promotion & radio promotions. The All In Plug All In One is made for the labels & producers who do not want to go over their budget but still want to be able to reach the same radio & PR people. This service is priced at £285 (€345) but the best thing is that unlike the All In Plug their are no extra placement bonus’ fees to pay yet you get all of the goodness of the All In Plug and the brilliant It’s A Promo Thing service of personal email plugging. An outstanding record promotion service.

2. The Blog

Yes we have finally stepped in to the 21st Century and started our very own blog. Here you will find news on products (like you are reading now), music reviews, music industry news and anything else that tickles our fancy.

3. The Chart

We are now compiling a chart on our website that reflect the music we are promoting and the reactions & plays we are receiving, this will be update frequently so follow our blog for updates when it is updated. The current No.1 is Queen B & Jay Potter – Get Into The Spot EP on Maison Records. Will you reach no.1?


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